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Welcome to the TrainPlayer forum!

We're here to talk about TrainPlayer, the way to run trains on classic model railroad layouts. Whether you own the program or are just trying out the demo version, please join us and share your plans, ideas, problems, and questions. In this forum you'll find the software authors, knowledgeable users, and interested bystanders.

Watch this forum for product news, announcements, bug reports, and general chat about layout design and operation. For more information about TrainPlayer products, visit the website at

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  • #OPS items concerning Advanced Ops or OPS in general 12 threads
  • #CarCollections discussion about new/existing Car Collections for TP 7 threads
  • #Layouts content, questions about Layouts regardless of Gauge or type of design 4 threads
  • #AnyRail discussions about any issues exporting AnyRail layouts to TrainPlayer 2 threads
  • #Help requests for help from Users or Moderators 1 threads
  • #carcodes 1 threads

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